Super Stretch Socks by Fuller Fillies

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Sold as a pack of 2 pairs these socks are easily the stretchiest on the market, stretch to accommodate a calf of 23 inches with ease!

FABRIC: 70% Cotton/ 12% Rubber / 18% Nylon (knitted logo at the ankle)

FEATURES: Stretch to 23” with ease, long length, cushioned sole, ribbed instep

COLOURS: Fuchsia Pink and Grey, Aqua and Purple, Navy and Camel one each in a pack of 2 

Made from Cotton to give the ultimate in comfort, wicking away moisture from your leg and foot as you ride. Unlike other Brands the Fuller Fillies’ sock does not sacrifice length to gain width, meaning they come right up to the knee on tall ladies at 6’, even if their calf is 23” wide, and can be turned down on ladies with a shorter calf bone.

The sole is cushioned to give a lovely, soft feel whilst the ribbed knit at the instep area hugs your foot - you won’t want to take them off!

PS: here is a YouTube video to show you the stretch in real time…

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