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Baby Steps

 Hello once again fellow Rubies!!

I must firstly apologise for taking so long to get the next thrilling instalment of my life to you...but again, things have been super busy.
Sometimes it seems as though I'm busy running on the spot, but every now and again I can fall into bed and feel as though I have managed to get everything crossed of my "daily list"....time management is NOT one of my strong points!!
And sometimes I know I'm busy, but can't tell you what I'm busy doing...but I must be doing something...right??
Sadly my health hasn't been able to keep up with my busy schedule, so that's something that is going to have to change in the next couple of weeks..thank goodness Easter is here so the batteries can be re-charged. And a little "reality check" every now and again is always good - apparently I'm not Wonder Woman, although I would like her plane so that I can impress the school kids at afternoon pick-up!
Thankfully things aren't as full on as they were over last Winter, but I have learnt I do need to slow down...just as everyone has been telling me - yes...I know!!!!!

Paddock-wise we are achieving small, but important things.
The pony has finally worked out that he needs to stay away from Jack...Jack has huuuuggggeee teeth!!! But nothing some Betadine and Equi-skin couldn't fix!

Moosie-moo finally made it back to riding club - 16 months after she was last there. Thankfully it wasn't a "strenuous" lesson, but it was an important one none the less. Important to me because this meant she was back in town...kind of...if Moo really wants (I suspect she doesn't want though lol)
Moo is like a pair of comfy old slippers on a rainy day..although I did notice how much more open my hips were (That is a nice way of saying "sitting on that horse is like sitting on two wine barrels sitting side by side"....or imagine straddling a Volkswagon)
Moo was only in the arena for about 45 minutes, but that must have been too long for her because about half an hour after getting home she was snoozing away, flat out in the paddock - I'm not ashamed to admit that I thought I'd killed her, but no, it was just a nap to "recover".
Jack has been able to make  a few more baby step in the past couple of weeks. I almost wet my pants with excitement when he cantered all the way around the arena a couple of weeks ago, although to be honest it's been me believing he couldn' actual fact I was holding him back with that irrational fear a lot of us have about cantering - doesn't your mind have time to hit overdrive when you let it!! At the time I think I may have been wetting my pants with fear, but you do forget that afterwards.
His lesson at riding club was also good, he was terribly well behaved, but I shouldn't sound surprised, Jack usually is.
During our lesson we spent a lot of time maintaining a nice rhythm at the walk, and asking him to stretch his neck...he did well, so he got an extra sugar cube.
He is still doing very well when it comes to "paddock relations" too...unless you're a grey pony that is! He can still be a little cheeky, and does know how to push my buttons sometimes, but I think that is a reason I love him.
One little thing that did have me smiling the other morning is worth sharing just for a giggle I think.
Quite often we have hot air balloons taking off from the local footy oval which is just on the other side of the hill. On this particular morning, one of the balloons was having some trouble getting up, and was floating really low over our property...low enough for me to regret not putting a pair of tracksuit pants and a bra that morning.
Anyway, over it comes....Moo and Munchie go ballistic, snorting, galloping. Now, Moo and Munchie are my nice quite types, they are the "sensible" ones, Jack on the other hand, is very everything somedays.
Well, over comes this balloon, I'm standing outside with a bucket in one hand and a hose in the other with what I can only imagine was a pretty dopey expression on my face (but it was before 7am!!)
The balloon is getting lower, and lower...the two "sensible" horses are going totally off,  I'm by now thinking "DON'T LAND IN MY PADDOCK!!!!!"...then down it comes in the paddocks directly across the road...I hold my breath, waiting for Jack to explode as I was sure he would and as the other two were...he pricks his ears, turns his head, looks at me, I go white....he puts his head back in his dinner bucket!!!
At that moment the other two take a look at him, and go "Oh...okay then...nothing to see here, back to brekkie".
About half an hour later the balloon people came over and apparently the passengers were very excited to see the horses galloping! I personally think I would have been a little more interested in where I was going to crash land not a pair of silly horses running around lol
That has been the extent of the excitement lately...but I guess that isn't a bad thing!

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