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I should join the Circus!

 I think I might have mentioned before how difficult and time consuming being me can be sometimes!

At the moment, I have both big horses back in work and the little pony, so if you combine that with working, and trying to be a good Mum and trying to keep a tidy house, there just arent enough hours in the day (truth be known that one of those things gets pretty much ignored...hence the prehistoric dust bunnies hiding in the corners of almost every room in my house!) so I've become very good at juggling. Throw cold Autumn mornings and early sunsets, and there are some days where I just don't know where to begin!


Bringing Jack back into work after his 6 week break as a result of cellulitis has been the highlight of my past couple of weeks. He has come back so kindly that he has not only surprised me, but also made me realise what a wonderful horse he really is.

The poor boy was lunged once in the two weeks prior to me taking him back to lessons, and after a very quick lunge before my lesson began last Thursday, I was back on and feeling was he!

I was most surprised as to how willing he was.  He can at the best of times be the "difficult teenager" - we see a little bit of head tossing every now and again, but this day there was nothing!! Those big Clydie X ears were listening and attentive the whole time...big sigh of relief!

I mentioned to my instructor how surprised I was, and she pointed out that there wasn't really anything to be surprised about...the training we have put in over the past year is paying off...there wasn't any need to remind him of the basics of "lightness", off he went like he had never missed a day. If you haven't picked it up before now, I'm a rider who follows the training set out by Philippe Karl...yes, yes yes, you can roll your eyes now ;)

On reflection, I can absolutely see that it is the result of the training we have put in..he has never been "forced" to work in a "proper" frame, he has always been asked, shown how to and as a result agreed. There are still of course many things we can work on, but training as we do, doesn't give instant results, they are results that take time, patience and understanding, all of which I have plenty.

I have also booked us in to a clinic that is happening in November...but I really wish November would hurry up and arrive...I'm busting to learn!!! And he looks just amazing right now too...there is something to be said for a month and a half of pampering and no work!!! I really wished that I looked as good after being fed, groomed and lounging about in the paddock!

Moo has been going along swimmingly as well. We haven't had much of an opportunity to fine tune any of our jumping "skills" ("skills" lol!!). Her flat work is also going well...she is another horse that has the ability to pick up from where she left off. Moo has managed to gain herself another fan however; a young girl has been popping by every now and again to help out a little bit around the property and has fallen head over heels in love with Moo. This young girl is sadly indicative of many young girls these days; she has body issues, a lack of confidence, some family troubles. The first day she came, she looked just miserable...but after a short while I asked if she would like to give Moo a brush for me. The change in her after half an hour brushing Moo was amazing! I finally got to see a smile, and not a forced grimace. Since that day, she has come with a real purpose, and you can tell that she wants to be here. She is learning a lot too...hopefully the love of horses can help her find her way through the fog which seems to be her life at the moment.

Little Munchie is still believing his own hype....I've lost count of how many people have said "ohhhh he is just too cute!!". That line is usually followed by me saying "Yeah, too cute for our own good!!!!" He is still as cheeky as they come...but that’s the way we love him!! (Most of the time anyway).

All in all, things are going well...I know I have happy, healthy horses, and to me as an owner that is all that I can ask for.

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