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Canter, canter, tango, canter


My goodness it has been a busy couple of weeks, both in and out of the paddock!
We’ve had sick kittens, hospital visits, naughty ponies and just plain old day to day “stuff” going on...I’m exhausted!! (Kitten fixed, hospital visits sorted, and “naughty pony plan” in place, so all’s good there!)

In between all the “stuff” Jack has been going splendidly well. We seem to have found some real energy (sometimes a little too much energy for Mother), but I’m learning how to really embrace that energy as I mentioned in my last entry. And I’ve decided that I just love canter, a lot more than trot or walk...trot and walk just means we have time to not only think but also to see goblins hiding in corners. At the canter however, we motor along at a lovely clip, and it is a canter I can ride all day.
It’s been a couple of weeks since my last lesson, but in that last lesson, it was possibly the best canter work I have ever done with Jack.
We are still lunging before a ride, but that really seems to help gets his mind ready, his body ready and also gives me the chance to really focus on what needs to be done. It also gives me the chance to gauge the mood he is in. After some time on the lunge if we still have some legs in the air, we just go around one more time...for luck!!
Although I admit that the other day there were still legs in the air, and I got on anyway...that day we practised some wonderful sideways dance moves. Sort of fun...sort of not! But even after the new dance steps, we are able to get our minds back on the task at hand.

What I’d really love to work on in the next few weeks, is some in-hand work. With the Lightness “system” that I use, a lot of emphasis is put on the importance of in-hand work, but I admit that I have been a little slack. So hopefully today during my lesson, we can get “back to basics”. 


Sadly, with all my attention on Jack at the moment, it means that dear Moo has been just left in the paddock. Thankfully she is just 100% OK with that. It’s me that feels bad. I know she is fine with it, because to be honest, what could be worse than being fed twice a day, rugged up all snugly warm and fed carrots. My God she has a fantastic life. I’ve always said that when I die I want to be re-incarnated as one of my own about luxury. But I think that this weekend might be a good one to take her for a wander along a trail somewhere.

Little Munchie pony is just plain old naughty!!! Naughty, baby pony...and that is all! lol As I always say “lucky he is cute!!”  I wish I was as cute as he is, that way I could get away with anything!!!!


On a more personal note, in the past few weeks I have had the first anniversary of the day I was diagnosed pass by. I was actually looking forward to that day, thinking that it would be a day to celebrate my current health etc, but instead I had emotions that I can’t even describe. I’m not sure what I would even call them. Of course I was happy that I’m still here and annoying many people, but I was also feeling quite distressed inwardly that there are still so many people struggling to overcome the insidious disease that cancer is. And honestly I couldn’t express that to anyone, mainly because I didn’t know if I what I was feeling was normal or not...still don’t know!
But I am more than glad I’m here, but I still hope with every ounce of my being that those that are still dealing with diagnosis, struggling with treatment and unsure of what the future holds for them are doing at least “ok” ...sometimes “ok” is all there is.
Me? I’m doing just fine J

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  • Sarah

    So I’m really not sure this is where I was supposed to leave this comment but just in case… The thing Ruby Rider does best and absolutely should not change has to be customer service! I have been absolutely thrilled with every interaction I have had with you, even when there were delays getting stock from the supplier you kept me informed about what was happening and offered great alternatives. Keep up the good work :-)

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