Meet One Of Our Sponsored Riders- Pam

Hi, I’m Pam and I’m very proud to be part of the Rubenesque Rider team!

I’ve been lucky to have been around horses all my life, being born into a horsey family. Like most horsey chicks, I took a break from riding as I was raising my two children (Amelie, who is now 14 and a horse crazy kid, and Archer, now 10, who despite ‘not really being into horses’ is actually quite good at handling them.)

I’ve had quite a few horses in my life, but due to a few less than perfect matches, I’ve lost a lot of confidence which I am slowly getting back every time I ride.

Two years ago, after quite a big break from horses, and having health issues, I decided to get back into riding. Having Hashimoto’s disease, which attacks my thyroid, I am a larger rider and I found it difficult to find equestrian clothing to fit me that were not only comfortable, but stylish too. I heard about the brand Fuller Fillies from a friend, but with their base being the UK, the postage costs were a killer, then I found Rubenesque Rider, and have been a customer ever since!

So, time to introduce you to my two horses, aka dorks, aka the adorkables.

Zarzeus (Zeus) is an ex racehorse who retired off the track to a showing home where he was lovingly retrained and had a few successful outings. He then became the owners lesson horse, teaching nervous adults how to ride. After looking for a horse for 6 months, and being disappointed with pretty much everything, a friend sent me a link to Zeus’ ad, I knew he was the one. My instructor and I made the trip up the highway to Bowral to meet him the very next day, and after a few minutes in the saddle I was sold, despite swearing I’d never own another thoroughbred.
Zeus is a complete gentleman, despite having a moment here and there, and my daughter and I currently share him.

DaVinci RL (Vince) was an impulse buy. I decided, while I was trying to get my weight down so I could ride, that I would love to buy my dream horse – my favourite breeds being Arabians, Andalusians and Friesians. By chance I got to know the owner of a Friesian stud in Victoria who had a Warlander (Friesian x Andalusian) in utero. Of course, who was I to not follow my dreams?
Vince is now two years old and a complete scallywag. He’s certain he is wild until he sees our car driving up the road. He loves his people and I’m very excited to see where our journey will take us!

Well, that’s a bit about me. Watch this space for more horsey adventures!